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Our Game Truck Features

Video game truck birthday party in Sandhills Fayetteville eastern North Carolina

High-Tech Gaming with the Latest Game Consoles
The J Zone Mobile Gamez video game truck is equipped with gaming consoles from PlayStation, XBox One,  Nintendo Switch, and a PS4VR console for virtual reality gaming!  Our technology is awesome!

Six Huge High Definition TV Screens
We have four  high-definition TV’s inside our unit,  and two more in an outside “lift-up” compartment so players can enjoy dancing and sports games like Just Dance, Madden Football and so many more!

Spacious and Luxurious Interior
Our Game Theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with comfortable stadium-style seating your guests will love.

Climate Controlled Environment
No matter what time of year, and what the weather, the J Zone Mobile Gamez video game truck is always the perfect temperature! Our game theater is fully air conditioned for hot summer days and heated for chilly days, with dual air conditioners & heaters.

LED and Neon Lighting
Our LED lights can change colors throughout the gaming experience.  Neon under-glow lighting provides an awesome effect at night.

Virtual Reality Gaming!
Don’t just play the game…get in the game!  Our PlayStation VR Gaming System allows players to immerse themselves in other worlds, becoming a party of the game!

Online Gaming!
Play great online games like Fortnite!  Requires wi-fi signal at trailer location, or use our wireless hot spot for only $35.

Our Game Truck Supports up to 24 Players at once!
We’re ready for your big crowd!  With six gaming stations (including our two outside stations) we’re equipped to allow 24 video gamers at one time!

Great Assortment of Video Games
Our game library is awesome…and ever-expanding. With the most popular video games, and more on their way, gamers be able to choose from great classics or the newest games, from combat games to role-playing, sports games and more!

Incredible Sound!
Powerful sound bars bring the games to life!

We’ve Got the Power!
With its own quiet generator, the J Zone Mobile Gamez video game truck can go just about anywhere!

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